Are there any neighborhoods near campus?

UCF apartments are located in the center are family-friendly attractions. It goes without surprise then, that many UCF apartments reside in suburban neighborhoods.

When searching for UCF apartments, deciding which neighborhood you want to live in may be challenging, especially when hoping to remain near campus. In order to determine which neighborhood may be best for you, it may be helpful to keep several distinctions in mind. For example, know what your price limit is, what amenities you prefer, and where you want to be located near.

If you will be attending classes at UCF several days a week, you may hope to be as close to the academic institution as possible. That said, Winter Park is one of the closest neighborhoods to the University of Central Florida. Just 8 miles from the campus border, this suburban district is an eclectic mix of urban and small-town charm. Winter Parks offers plenty of shopping, open park space, and residential neighborhoods. This up and coming neighborhood has become increasingly popular for commuters traveling in and out of town as well as families and students. The easy access to and from Orlando's downtown region has attracted many residents to this particular neighborhood. This means that the downtown entertainment district is just minutes away from Winter Park. However, UCF apartments in Winter Park can be more expensive than other regions in Orlando.

Avalon Park is another popular neighborhood near campus.  This is one of the more well-known parts of town for students attending UCF. However, this is not necessarily deemed a student area. There are very strict HOA regulations enforced throughout the neighborhood. In fact, this is one of the largest neighborhoods in Orlando. Avalon Park is filled with tons of convenience that allow its residents to stay near home when running any sort of errands. This neighborhood includes public pools, grocery stores, gas stations, dog parks, and bike trails.

Oveido is another neighborhood fairly close to the college. There are great schools, parks and residential neighborhoods in this area. As a result, many families tend to take advantage of Oveido's region. Additionally, this neighborhood is known for its growing business community and newer buildings. However, many students tend to prefer Winter Park or Avalon over the neighborhood of Oveido.

There are many neighborhoods near the local college campus. Although many students to live on campus, some students prefer to take up residents in the nearby regions such as Winter and Avalon Park. Although these outskirts of town are popular amongst the students, some communities do tend to be more expensive than those located on campus. That said, however, these parts of town offer plenty of amenities to its residents such as on-site grocery stores, gas stations, parks, and pools. Additionally, these parts of town are located near major roadways, allowing quick and simple commutes into downtown.

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