Any tips for rental-friendly ways of decorating my Orlando apartment without causing damage?

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One of the most frustrating things about renting apartments in Orlando is how to decorate your new space. Apartment managers and leases have restricting policies that can get as specific as the exact measurement of nail holes you're allowed to make in the drywall. Thankfully, there are ways to get around these policies so you can have a personalized space without worry.  

Hang with Command Hooks/Strips 

Command hooks or strips. A strict no-nails policy can ruin your inner interior designer because it may mean nothing can hang from the walls. Command hooks and strips give a loophole to that no-nail policy. If you want to add a frame or some hanging plants to your bathroom, all you must do is purchase command hooks and strips. The fun does not have to stop there; command strips and hooks allow you to fill your walls with shelves, plants, and art. There are various sizes and types of hooks, so you're sure to find one that can deal with all your wall decorations. These hooks can hold your curtain rod without having any permanence in the apartment.  

Change Up Hardware 

Changing the hardware of your cabinets can make a considerable change in the bathroom or kitchen. Most prefer to replace the knobs as it is a reversible way of changing the decorations. It will tie in any themes or colors that you add to the bathroom. In your apartment kitchen, it can add a personal flair to the decorations in place. When changing the hardware, invest in a backsplash wallpaper as it can give the illusion of tiles. 

If you're new to the apartment and the floor is showing its use, then consider getting a grout cleaner. With a little elbow grease, you can get whiter grout lines that will leave the apartment floor looking brand new. When considering this, talk to your landlord as it is a permanent process, though usually not opposed. 

Add Lighting and Decorations 

An issue that new renters face is lighting preferences. Some apartments can showcase dark living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. By adding a floor lamp or merely changing the light bulbs to LED, it can change the entire appearance of your Orlando apartment.  Ahead of that, standing plants can add depth to your living room and make your one bedroom apartment feel much larger. Besides, you can never go wrong with house plants. In terms of decorations, invest in a large carpet to cover your living space as it can add color and warmth.  

It can be hard to personalize a space, especially when restrictions are heavy on permanent changes. These tips can liven up a home by giving it a personal touch. In the case that you are having a hard time redecorating, talk to your apartment manager before making any significant changes to be sure that your plans are compliant with your lease agreement. This all varies from owner to owner, but it's worth a shot to make your new Orlando apartment feel like home. Whenever you find yourself stuck on a remodeling decision, check out these 11 tips on redecorating a rental apartment. You're sure to find one that fits for you.

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