What’s the best way to start recycling in apartments near UCF?

When you go away from home and start attending classes at the University of Central Florida, it can seem like a completely different world. When I first went off to college and lived in the dorms, the one thing I couldn't get used to was not being able to recycle as I did at home. Recycling is not as common in the dorms and apartments, but that doesn't mean they don't have apartments with recycling services. It's more common to find recycling services offered at new apartments, that are less outdated.  

If you already live in an apartment near UCF, the way to tell if you have recycling services offered at your apartment is to go to the front office or see if they mention valet trash on their website. Sometimes recycling services are included in the price of living at the complex. If they don't offer any recycling services, there are other ways to take recycling into your own hands if it's important to your lifestyle.

Reuse Plastic and Glass Containers in UCF Apartments

When you go to the store and purchase new glass jars full of condiments and sauces, sometimes cleaning out the glasses when you are done can give you a reason to recycle them on your own. You don't need to go to a recycling plant in the vicinity of your apartment near UCF to recycle the things you already have. Instead, doing it yourself can save time and avoid the hassle of having to take your recyclable items to a recycling plant every week. Not to mention, there is a multitude of uses for glass jars as pencil holders, meal prep containers, dressing containers, pickling containers, paintbrush holders, and so much more!

Although plastic containers aren't as sturdy as glass ones are, plastic doesn't have to go to waste and can become recycled by being reused for a purpose that you use them for. I sometimes save Chinese takeout containers and soup containers for later by washing them and making sure they are microwave safe, so I can use them multiple times after I get them.

Take Recyclable Items to a Recycling Plant Close to Apartments Near UCF

If your apartment doesn't offer recycling services and you think you won't have the time to recycle the bottles for use in your home, another option is to find a local Orlando recycling plant to drop things off every week. If you don't produce a lot of recyclables to go every week, them doing it every two weeks or a month might be the better option.

An important step to take when dropping your recyclable items off at a recycling plant near your UCF apartment is to make sure there are no food scraps or food remnants in or on the items. Especially if you are storing the items in your house temporarily until you go to the recycling center, it can help avoid bad odors coming from rotten food remnants left in the bottles, cans, and jars you take there.

Try Composting Paper Materials in UCF Apartments

Another great option is composting paper and cardboard for growing plants. Although this takes more time and dedication to pull off, recyclable products can sometimes create great compost soil.

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