Are any UCF apartments near any public transportation options?

Photo of Boardwalk Apartments at Alafaya Trail See More From:
Boardwalk is close to LYNX and the UCF shuttle.

Many college students don’t bring their cars with them to school. With that being said, it can be very difficult to do things like shop for groceries, get to school, or just going out to have fun when you’re carless. Not only is it inconvenient walking everywhere you need to go can be scary, especially if you’re alone. Luckily for you numerous apartments near Orlando in the UCF area are just a short walk from a plethora of public transportation methods.

One of the best ways to get from Orlando apartments to the UCF campus are the shuttles that run directly to and from campus. They run throughout the day at a wide variety of times, perfect for just about every class schedule. Apartments like the Riverwind apartments at Alafaya, the Collegiate Inn, Sterling Central, and the Lofts offer a direct-connect shuttle to the UCF campus. You’ll never have to worry about bumming a ride from a friend or huffing it on foot in the hot Florida sun to get to class again.

Another great method of transportation located just minutes from numerous Orlando apartments in the UCF area is the SunRail. The newly opened SunRail can get you just about anywhere you need to go in the Orlando area with ease. You can even work on homework or work while you get where you need to go, with SunRail’s free Wi-Fi and abundance of power outlets. These double decker cars offer an abundance of leg room, comfort, and amenities for their Orlando passengers. Getting you where you need to go from your Orlando apartment in style and comfort.

The Lynx bus service also offers numerous stops next to many Orlando apartments in the UCF area. The Lynx bus service offers convenient transportation at an affordable price which can be perfect for all college students. Orlando is scattered with Lynx bus stops. If you live in the Orlando area you’ve probably seen at least one per day. With a plethora of buses and bus stops you can get just about anywhere you need to go in the Orlando area for very little money.

Living in the UCF area without a car doesn’t have to be a hassle. The majority of Orlando apartments in the area are right next to, or a short walk from an abundance of public transportation options. You’ll never have to worry about carrying 10 or 20 different grocery bags on foot to your apartment. You’ll also never have to nag your friends about a ride to class or even to grab a drink at the bar after. With the Lynx bus service, SunRail, and many different UCF shuttles available just minutes away from your apartment getting places in the Orlando area can be done with ease.

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