I'm new to Florida and its unpredictable storms. What are some ways to protect my Orlando apartment?

Florida is known for the peculiarity of its residents, animals, and even weather. As the heat outside intensifies, so do the rainstorms. Florida summers are as unpredictable as the lottery numbers because it can go from sunny to thunderstorms in a matter of minutes. Any native Floridian agrees that summers can indicate a higher possibility for power surges, brownouts, and blackouts. Here are a couple of tips on how to ensure you and your Orlando apartment are ready for summertime.  

Protecting against a power surge  

Orlando sits in the dead middle of Lightning Alley, the lightning capital of the US. Lightning is the most common cause for power surges of large appliances such as computers, TVs, and refrigerators, so they must be protected. Power surge protector strips are an excellent investment for kitchens and living rooms as the rainy months ahead loom over us. If a severe storm catches you before you can buy a surge protector, you can always unplug your considerable energy-consuming devices until the storm ends. During a storm, please avoid the use of these large appliances because the inconsistent voltage can damage them. In the worst-case scenario, they may stop working altogether. These include washers, dryers, TVs, computers, and any other device that uses lots of energy. If possible, try to avoid plugging in chargers during severe thunderstorms.  

Preparing for a blackout

Living in Florida, you will experience at least one power outage during the summer. Aside from the boredom from lack of Wi-Fi, the worst part is the heat. Your air conditioner works extra hard during the summer months, and once it is gone for a few hours, you begin to miss the coolness. Anticipating a blackout before it happens can ease the anxieties that arise during thunderstorms. Be sure to have your apartment emergency maintenance number written down as they are the first you should call after a blackout. The maintenance team will let you know if it was an outage in the entire complex or just your building. In addition, you want to have an emergency preparedness kit in case of an extended power outage as well as update it at the start of each year's hurricane season (June 1st). With that in mind, remember to clear out anything that can easily be picked up by the wind from your patio or balcony to avoid flying debris before the storm arrives. 

Although baptized the sunshine state, Florida frequently has afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms. Once you live here long enough, your nose will recognize the smell of an oncoming rain shower minutes before it's arrival. It will become the sixth sense. If you're looking for more tips on how to protect your apartment during storms, check out Sparkenergy for more tips linked here. Whenever you're stuck inside your Orlando apartment during a thunderstorm, just remember that mother nature is putting on a light show for you to see.


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