How can I prevent my dog from causing damages to my Full Sail apartment?

There are a number of measures you can take to ensure your pooch doesn't damage or dirty up your Full Sail apartment. This is crucial for anyone living with a dog, since the building management could charge you for even the smallest of damages to your Full Sail apartment.


Hardwood floors should be a big concern for any dog owners in Full Sail apartments. Hard wood floors can be easily scratched by your dog's nails when it runs across them. Landlords or apartment management could consider dog scratches a serious damage to your Full Sail apartment. The cost of replacing or fixing the scratched floor would be charged to you. But damage charges may not be the only fee you will encounter. Damages to the floor may be considered a violation of your lease. If you were required to put down a security deposit with your apartment, you may lost it due to the damages to the floor of your Full Sail apartment.


Carpet floors can also cause problems for dog owners in Full Sail apartments. Face it - accidents happen. Training your pup to use the bathroom doesn't happen over night. If an accident does happen on your Full Sail apartment's carpet, you must react quickly to clean up the mess before a permanent stain sets in. A permanent spot may need professional carpet cleaning from a carpet cleaning service. And again, the landlord or apartment manager will charge you with the fix. A good way to prevent this from happening is to buy your carpet cleaning product now, so you always have it on hand before the accident happens. Waiting to buy the product afterwards won't be as effective in removing the stain.


Another type of damage dog owners of Full Sail apartments might face is chew marks on furniture. Growing puppies love to gnaw on anything they can with their brand new teeth. A preventative measure you can take for chew-happy pups is to have plenty of dog toys around your apartment. Chew toys are specifically designed for this purpose. The trick is getting your puppy to the associate the chew toy as being a thing that should be chewed on. Please consult a dog training book or website for the best methods to accomplish this goal. As with the above damages, chew marks on furniture can result in charges by your landlord or apartment management. If your Full Sail apartment came furnished, you will be charged with the cost of replacing the piece of furniture.

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