Am I able to pre lease an apartment for when I move to town?

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Boardwalk allows you to pre-lease with the approval of your application.

Absolutely! Many student communities will encourage renters to make a decision about signing a lease well before the Fall term begins. It is best to start looking in January and to have a decision made well before the end of the Spring term. If you start looking for apartments in Orlando during the summer you will be out of luck, as many communities will have filled up already. If you are moving to the area you can also pre- lease an apartment before you get here to insure you have a place to go. Remember that you may have to pay a deposit and you may lose it if you decide to not move in. Also be aware that some places may rent the unit to someone else willing to move in earlier than you and will only have to refund your money. If you plan on pre-leasing at a non-student community, be sure you will be moving in within a month.

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