What’s the best way to take care of potted plants in Orlando apartments?

Potted plants are a beautiful and natural addition to apartment living. Bringing the outside in isn't right for everyone. Not to mention, taking care of plants is another responsibility that many can't afford to put on their plates. I think it's best to decide if the addition of plants in your space is a good idea or if not, you could always settle for artificial plants instead.

Also, if you live with another person or two, they might have pets or be allergic to different kinds of plants. It's always best to check in with them unless you live in a one-bedroom apartment where you would have no roommates and wouldn't have to check in with anybody else but yourself, and your pets if you have any.

If you consider yourself a passionate plant-lover living in apartments in Orlando, then keep reading because some of the tips I'm about to tell you can save you time, money, and help your plants flourish year-round.

Pick the Best Plants for Apartments in Orlando

Not every plant is going to flourish in the Orlando area. Due to the humidity, weather fluctuations, rain, and proximity to the city, it might be harder to find plants that grow in that type of environment. The first step is to research the best plants for warm, humid weather. Once you know this, you can go out and purchase plants for your Orlando apartment.

One thing to consider is the maintenance plants take to thrive. Some require care every day or only a few times a week. If this seems undoable for you, you can always opt for cacti or succulents which require little water but direct sunlight. In this case, living in an apartment with a balcony or patio can give the plant the exposure to sunlight it requires.

Gather the Correct Materials in Orlando Apartments

To have healthy potted plants, you need to make sure to purchase the right materials and use them consistently. A plant needs a certain amount of sunlight, water, soil, and a pot to hold it in. Depending on the plant you have, you might need to stick to a schedule for watering and repot the plant when it outgrows its original container.

If you end up putting your plants outside, purchasing a pesticide will keep bugs and other animals from eating them. Linseed oil is a great organic, non-toxic pesticide that will protect your plants and is safe around pets and other creatures. Also, breathing in pesticides in apartments in Orlando isn't good for your health either. It's better to stick with the relatively cheap and safe alternative in this case.

Monitor Your Plant's Progress in Apartments in Orlando

Your plants will continue to grow and flourish if you take care of them. Consistency and patience are key to healthy, growing potted plants. Also, checking in on them every once and a while will help you determine if something needs to be altered. If it's too cold or hot in your apartment, adjust the programmable thermostat, so your plants are growing in the right environment.

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