What kinds of house plants should I get for my Full Sail apartment?

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House plants, or should I say, apartment plants, are a wonderful way to decorate Full Sail apartments and even improve the air quality. They can be a great addition to apartments with balconies or patios, but even if you don't live in a unit that has one of these there are plenty of options perfect for college students. Whether you're looking to purchase a plant requiring low or high maintenance, you can rest assured that there is one perfect for any student living in apartments near Full Sail. 

The Swiss Cheese Plant

Although the name sounds pretty funny, the Swiss Cheese Plant, also known as the Monstera Adansonii is a low-maintenance option perfect for college students. Plus, this plant thrives in apartments. Known for its unique leaves, this plant is sometimes referred to as the five-hole plant and hails from South and Central America. You can purchase this unique plant on Etsy, as well as other plant stores. Although this plant is stunning, it is important to note that it is toxic to cats and dogs so if you have one of these furry friends in pet-friendly apartments near Full Sail, this plant may not be for you. Additionally, it is important to check if a plant is toxic to your pets before you purchase one. The results may be surprising so it's best to be on the safe side and do your research.  

The Aralia Fabian

If you're looking for a larger plant, you may want to check out The Aralia Fabian. It's a tall house plant that thrives in humidity, but that can be achieved in your apartment by spritzing the plant with water. Additionally, you might be interested in adding a humidifier to prevent bugs from entering Full Sail apartments. Unfortunately, this gorgeous plant is another option that may be toxic to dogs and even children, so it's best to consider this before purchasing. 

Pet-Friendly Plant Options

For those with pets, don't worry! There are still some lovely house plants that won't harm your furry friends upon ingestion. The Hoya, Peperomia, and Fittonia are among these plants and can even be purchased in a bundle on Etsy. Starting off with the Hoya Carnosa, this plant is native to Eastern Asia and Australia and produces sweet-smelling flowers. The waxy leaves prefer somewhat humid conditions but nonetheless thrive in apartments. Next up, the Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegata is an evergreen houseplant that is native to South and Central America, but also to Florida. Lastly, the White Fittonia, also known as the Mosaic Plant, is great for terrariums and doesn't get too large. This is an evergreen plant that requires lots of humidity, so that humidifier that was previously mentioned will certainly come in handy. 

These are just a few of the many house plants that are great for apartment living. For those without pets or children, the options are endless, but if you do have pets, like me, or children who might eat a leaf when you're not looking, you definitely want to research any plant before purchasing. Even so, there are still plenty of options for you. Students are understandably busy, but many of those living in Full Sail apartments still want to add some greenery, and houseplants are a great way to do that! 

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