Are there Orlando apartments that will allow me to paint my walls?

Many Orlando apartments will allow you to paint your walls. Certain Orlando apartments, however, may have rules for what you can and cannot do when painting your walls. When you take a tour of your Orlando apartment, definitely ask your leasing agent what the policy is on wall painting. Some Orlando apartments may allow you to paint your room only certain colors, while others say you can paint the walls whatever color you like.

The biggest thing to remember when painting the walls of your Orlando apartment is to purchase paint with primer mixed in. No matter what color you choose—red, orange, yellow, blue, etc.,—it will make repainting the apartment that much easier afterward. Some Orlando apartments may allow the painting of your room only if you agree to paint it back afterward. Make sure to ask your leasing agent what type of paint is allowed. Some Orlando apartments only allow specific paint brands, while others are only strict on the type of paint you use to re-paint the apartment upon move out.

If all of your roommates would like to paint various rooms in the Orlando apartment, go together to the hardware store. Various places offer discounts for purchasing a certain number of gallons of paint at a time. Also, you can try to color-coordinate the Orlando apartment in a complimentary way, instead of finding out later that the color you chose for the living room is actually a paint color your roommate dislikes.

I can’t stress enough the importance of asking what type of paint the Orlando apartment complex prefers when you’re repainting your walls. There is nothing worse than purchasing a gallon of white paint only to find out the Orlando apartment complex preferred a different variety that you must now go back and buy. Most likely you will have to put in the hours repainting the apartment yourself. It’s not unheard of for the Orlando apartment complex to hire someone to repaint for you as long as you purchase the paint. This, however, is the exception and not the rule.

Some Orlando apartments will have painting parameters as part of your lease. Always ask your leasing agent and management team any and all painting questions before you get started. You don’t want to paint the walls of your Orlando apartment only to find that it’s illegal in your lease. It’s better to be safe than sorry when painting your Orlando apartment.


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