What choices do I have for my pets while I go out of town from my Orlando apartment?

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Our pets are part of the family, so it is important part of the discussion on what to do with your pet while planning a vacation or traveling for the holidays away from your apartment in Orlando. Let's go through the possible options along with the pros and cons of your decision so you can start planning the fun part of your vacation or holiday plans.


Could you have your pet travel with you? If you have a dog that loves a good car ride and is up for an adventure, maybe this option makes the most sense. If you are going back to your parent's house and your pet is invited this would be the cheapest and perhaps easiest option for you. Just keep in mind your plans for the trip. If you will still be out of the house a lot, leaving your pet alone in an environment they are not familiar with, you may want to investigate the other options below.


If you feel that it may stress your pet out with travel or boarding, it may be best to leave your pet in its own environment and keep them home at your Orlando apartment. If you have a responsible roommate that can provide food and water or time outside if you have a dog this is another excellent option. Maybe give your roommate some money for their time or bring home a gift to thank them when you return.


If you live alone, your roommates will also be gone, or you are traveling together, you may want to look into a pet service such as Rover.com. This service connects you with local people around your apartment in Orlando that can house sit, drop in to check on your pet, walk your dog on neighborhood nature trails, doggy daycare or do pet boarding. Maybe you could connect with someone to help you throughout the year, so your pet gets to know the person, and it is less stressful when you go for a more extended trip or vacation.


If you plan on going on a longer trip, perhaps to visit family overseas, you may want to consider a pet boarding option. Some think this option may be the pet locked in a cage while you are away without the love and comforts of home but think of it as a vacation for your pet. Pet Paradise offers a pool and entertaining outdoor space for your pet to mingle with other pets and it is located near the Orlando International Airport, making it convenient to drop your pet off before your flight.

If you are planning a vacation or making travel plans for the holidays away from your pet friendly apartment in Orlando, this gives you some options on what to do with your pet while you are out of town. It can be stressful the first time you go away. Each pet and each situation is different but we hope this helps you make your decision a little easier on what to do with your pet when you are away!
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