How far ahead do I need to start my Orlando apartment search? I’m coming from out of state.

Whether you're already living in Florida or coming from another state, about three to five months is the magic timeframe for starting an apartment search. You want enough time to thoroughly research the Orlando area and available apartment complexes, but not so much time that you're spinning your wheels without an end goal in sight.

Orlando apartment hunting doesn't have to be a huge investment upfront. If you research and plan accordingly, you can move in when apartment complexes have specials going on. Financially, you should have enough money to pay a few months of rent—even if you've already got a job lined up. Be prepared for moving expenses like moving trucks, packing materials and possible storage depending on how much stuff you have (or are leaving behind). Moving (in general, or to Orlando) is often scary and stressful, but it doesn't have to be when you take advantage of

To begin your research, search under the Orlando Apartments tab. It's important to have a budget in mind before you start the search. Are you going to put up with extra roommates so you can afford a washer and dryer? Would you rather live in a one bedroom apartment, but then forgo paying for a cable package so you can easily make rent each month? Narrow your search to just Orlando Budget Apartments or just Orlando Luxury Apartments depending upon the budget you've allotted.

When coming from out of state, it's important to decide if you want the Orlando apartment to be furnished or unfurnished. For a small extra fee each month, most apartment complexes offer beds and nightstands, possibly even dressers. If you don't want to schlep your old stuff across state lines, taking advantage of these deals is a great option.

If you're coming to go to school in Orlando, has specific guides that have been researched and well vetted by our apartment professionals. There are great Orlando apartment complexes near UCF, Full Sail and Valencia. Perhaps you already have a specific Orlando neighborhood in mind—we've still got you covered. Browse from Altamonte Springs all the way to Winter Park with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Being comfortable in your Orlando neighborhood is something that can be easily overlooked if you're moving from out of state. Once you've done a fair amount of research about what exactly is available—pricing, amenities, locations—start taking your Orlando neighborhood into account. No amount of research and photos can prepare you for what your Orlando neighborhood is like without physically visiting. Plan a visit before the actual move to see what the surrounding area is like. Do you feel safe walking around the Orlando neighborhood at night? Is a grocery store easily accessible? There was something that originally attracted you to this area, so hopefully you choose an Orlando neighborhood that embodies those things. There's nothing worse than making a hasty decision on where you're going to live only to be disappointed by the outcome.


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