I’m really excited about the new SunRail! Are there any stations near my Orlando apartment?

The SunRail has finally come to Orlando and the citizens have spoken up; they love it! Stations are located near a multitude of Orlando Apartments. If you're tired of your daily traffic-filled commute you should consider riding on the SunRail. With the double decker cars, you always have a great view, whether you're headed to work or just commuting for a little bit of fun. With SunRail's abundance of passenger stations you're sure to find one near many Orlando apartments!

The SunRail offers a luxurious feeling to your usually boring commute from your Orlando apartment. Each car is jam-packed with amenities! On each SunRail car they offer WiFi, comfort seating, power outlets, luggage storage, and impeccably tidy restrooms. Commuting to work has never been so convenient! With their large tables and free Wifi you can take advantage of your commute time by getting some work done and you'll never have to worry about your laptop, phone, or tablet dying with their abundance of power outlets conveniently located for your use.

While each station offers a wide array of travel times you might find yourself wondering what happens if there's an emergency and you can't get where you need to be without having to wait for a SunRail car. Luckily you can count on reThink. ReThink is a service the Florida Department of Transportation offers and is there for you in your time of need. They will reimburse you for the full cost of your emergency ride home! That way if you have a sick kid at home in your Orlando apartment you have to rush to or maybe even your beloved pet sustains an injury, you'll never have to worry about how you will get back to your Orlando apartment in time without breaking the bank.

SunRail has also made it their priority that each car is fully accessible to anyone with disabilities. Their ticket vending machines all come equipped with braille and a voice module that presents easy to follow voice instructions. They also offer wheel chair lifts, flip up seats to make room for wheel chairs, and more.

With twelve stops in Orlando and the surrounding areas you can get wherever you need to go from your Orlando apartment and be sure to get there fast on the new SunRail. What's better than having traffic free transportation just minutes from your Orlando apartments? I surely can't think of anything more convenient. The Charter Pointe apartments in Orlando are just minutes away from the Altamonte Springs station on Ronald Reagan Blvd. There is an abundance of local Orlando apartments just minutes away from almost every SunRail station.

The SunRail offers a great opportunity for a shortened commute for numerous people near Orlando apartments on a day to day basis. Each of their stations boast a premium location just a short drive or even walk near Orlando apartments. SunRail is committed to providing you with a convenient, safe, and tidy method of transportation from your Orlando apartment.

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