What are my best storage options for my small Orlando apartment?

Small Orlando apartments can often feel cramped and claustrophobic; which is a feeling no one wants to live with in their home. Luckily there are some great and easy ways to transform your small and cramped apartment into a cozy home. Decoration and storage space is everything when it comes to transforming your Orlando apartment into a cozy place to live. More than likely you'll have to spend at least a little money to accomplish this, but it doesn't have to be a lot. Remember if you're looking to save money you can hit up thrift stores or consider numerous DIY décor options for your apartment.

One of the best ways to open up your small apartment is to use storage spaces to your advantage. If you have numerous things like shoes, blankets, books, or various other things just lying around your apartment then you're inevitably going to end up feeling cramped in your home. So take advantage of any storage option you can!

Under the bed storage is a great place to start. For example, under my bed I have several short but wide bins to store various things. I have a craft bin full of craft supplies for the various DIY projects I enjoy. I also have a memory bin for old pictures, letters, and gifts that I'm not quite ready to let go of. The best part is they are completely out of the way and only need to be brought out when necessary. I used just a few cheap plastic bins to accomplish this. You can also store things like shoes, off season clothing, or any excess jewelry you own. Depending on the size of your bed you can potentially store quite a few things under there freeing up quite a bit of space in your apartment.

Another great storage method for your Orlando apartment is wall shelving. Wall shelving can be quite inexpensive and a great way to store numerous things. While these objects are still out in the open, they are no longer just lying around and can help make your apartment feel quite a bit less cramped. Wall shelves are great for storing books, DVDs or Blu-Rays, CDS, and various knick-knacks. You can choose shelves that match your décor, or choose plain unfinished shelves and dress them up yourself. Mod Podge can be great for decorating unfinished shelves and of course paint is always a great options if you have a particular color in mind.

Take full advantage of your closet by only keeping the clothes you need for the current season hanging up. Orlando apartments sometimes offer quite spacious closets but some can also be more than just a little cramped. Use your under the bed storage to store excess clothes and you might want to consider getting an over the door shoe organizer for your shoes, keeping them off the floor.

Small Orlando apartments will only feel claustrophobic if you let them. Turning your Orlando apartment into a cozy and peaceful environment doesn't have to take a lot of time or cost you an arm and a leg. By following a few simple steps you can transform your Orlando apartment in no time.

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