I love the outdoors. Are there any great parks near my Orlando apartment?

The vast suburban sprawl that radiates from the heart ofOrlando lends little room for city parks of substantial size. The exception tothis is the one hundred and seventy-eight acre Bill Frederick Park at TurkeyLake in southwest Orlando. Turkey Lake Park’s large size (compared to Orlando’sother 90 city parks) has made it a very popular outdoor escape for Orlandoapartment owners.

At the price of four dollars per car, you can enjoy a day ofdisc golf, beach volleyball, swimming, biking, fishing, horseshoes, or avariety of other activities. But your day of outdoor fun doesn’t have to endwhen the park closes. Take a break from your Orlando apartment and stayovernight in an R.V, cabin, or primitive camping site.

Even though Turkey Lake is big for an Orlando park, it'sstill very much a city park. By this I mean don’t expect a wildernessadventure. Most of the park is made up of pristine lakeshores, clean cut grass,and paved roads and sidewalks. Even the hiking trails at the south side of thepark are easily manageable in flip-flops.

Orlando’s Turkey Lake Park has plenty of diverse ofactivities for solitude-seeking apartment owners. The best time to find somealone time is around the park’s opening time at 8 a.m. This is also the besttime for disc golf, fishing, and biking since the temperatures are stillrelatively low. Come afternoon, hordes of Orlando families flock to therentable pavilions to celebrate birthday parties or family reunions. Also tryto avoid going to the park on Sundays, when carloads of cricket players hit thefield for matches that sometimes run all day long.

Water fountains are a rare sight, so a cooler full of drinksfrom your Orlando apartment is essential for a day at Turkey Lake Park. Justmake sure you leave the adult beverages at your apartment, the park prohibitsalcohol. Bringing food is optional. Your ticket is good for the entire day, soexiting the park to get food is not a problem.

If you know how to throw a Frisbee, even remotely, then around of disc golf is something you shouldn't miss during your visit to TurkeyLake Park in Orlando. The park has two 18-hole disc golf courses that areincluded with your admission fee. Both courses are beautifully designed. Eachhole incorporates the natural contours of the land to create challenging playfor veterans, but also fun for newcomers.

Turkey Lake Park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors nearyour Orlando apartment. Get outside and have some fun!


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