How do I find Orlando apartments that are kid-friendly?

When the town you call home is also the town thousands of college kids call home, it might seem impossible to find apartments in Orlando that could provide you with a solid place to raise your kid(s). Fortunately, that just isn't the case. While O-town might get a little wild and crazy sometimes, there are plenty of Orlando apartments in which you and your family can feel right at home. The first step in finding your best Orlando apartment is to head on over to 407apartments.

When you've made your way to the homepage, try not to get distracted by all the information you now have at your fingertips - you'll be able to check it out later, I promise. Right now, you want to find the big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." This takes you into the heart of our apartment guide, where there are literally hundreds of options to choose from as you narrow down which of the countless awesome apartments in Orlando you want to call your own. Work your way toward the bottom of the page until you see a section on the left hand side that says "Community Features." Click the blue plus sign next to this, and you'll get a drop down menu of options you'd like to see in Orlando apartments. Maybe you would like to see a playground or game room; maybe you'd prefer a computer lab and movie theater. Whatever it is that will make you and your kid(s) happiest, just click the "Yes" button by. This will automatically refine your search to only include apartments in Orlando that meet your specifications.

You can also take advantage of the advanced filters in 407apartments's apartment guide to check out information regarding school zoning. When you want your children to get a good education there's no better way than by making sure they're enrolled in a great school, for example apartments near Full Sail. When you're in the apartment guide, you scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Show advanced filters." From here, you can select elementary, middle and high schools, as well as zip codes to ensure you're in the area of Orlando that you want to live in. Once you've selected the ones that you're interested in, the search adjusts to only include Orlando apartments that fall within your desired location. If there is an additional location you want to live by, you can also use the "Distance to a Location" filter at the top of the page, for example if you wanted to live near The Mall at Millenia. Simply put in an address and adjust the slider to the miles you're willing to be away from it. And who said apartment hunting had to be difficult?

Being a parent is probably the toughest job out there, and it doesn't pay nearly enough. That's why it's important to use at 407apartments to help you out as much as you can - that way, you and your family can enjoy your dream home even sooner.

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