Why should I consider renting an apartment when I can buy a house in Orlando?

Many ask why they should pay money renting when they can buy a house, and invest in an asset? Well, in uncertain economic times, it may not be in your best interest to buy a house. Also, renting an apartment allows you much greater flexibility. You don't get locked into a giant asset like a house, that you sometimes might feel like you'll never get it off of your back. When your Orlando apartment's lease is up, you can just move on. Plus, with apartments you never have to repair anything! The apartment's management company is certain to send a repairman every time something goes wrong in your apartment! Renting an Orlando apartment, you don't have to pay a huge mortgage payment every month, or HOA fees! No huge down payment either, just your security deposit! You may find that there are many advantages to have when living in an Orlando apartment over a house.

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