I just booked a tour for an Orlando apartment and I’m nervous! What kind of things should I look for? What questions should I ask?

When you go on a tour of an apartment in Orlando that you are considering renting, don’t get too caught up in the hype of the tour and remember to look for certain details in the place that may match you or your families’ lifestyle better or worse. First, you should figure out what your potential future neighbors are like. Are they mostly students? Do they seem to be mostly young working professional adults? Are there mostly families living here? Second, consider your budget and what you can reasonably afford to live on. Next, make sure you have the right location that offers you the best, most balanced fit for your different needs. Figure out when you can move in, so you can plan your move ahead of time and be ready for it. Ask your tour guide “Why should I move here”, and see how they respond. Be sure to ask questions and take not of the apartment’s layout, to make sure it matches up with what you really want of your apartment living space.

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