Should I consider getting Renter's Insurance with my new Orlando apartment?

Pool RetreatSome community residents at Dwell Apartments use renters insurance.

It honestly depends on what you prefer. Your basic lease will cover your living if your apartment is destroyed or made uninhabitable, yet it will not protect your personal possessions. For the protection of your personal household items, you will need to get renters insurance. Renters insurance is usually quite affordable and will protect your personal items against damage, disaster, theft, flood and water damage, and anything else which threatens your possessions. It is important to consider renters insurance if you live on the first floor especially, because your regular lease will not include water and flood damage to your personal items. Renters insurance policies depend on the apartment and on the stuff you're insuring. If you have specialty high-end electronics, extremely valuable art work, or antique furniture, your policy will probably cost more, and may require special additional coverage. Consult your Orlando apartment leasing company as well as your insurance company for more specific information on this topic, more tailored to your own needs and situation.

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