I don’t own a car and I am considering moving into an Orlando apartment. What public transportation options do I have?

It depends on where in Orlando the apartment you are considering lies. Apartments on the outskirts, in the Orlando suburbs, will be on or near a Lynx Bus route. However, you will have to look up for yourself the route times and how often your area is serviced by Lynx. Closer to the city center, Bus routes are more frequent and allow more convenient transportation to areas of interest, whether that be for school, work, shopping, or entertainment. Taxi cabs are also frequent in the city itself, and provide safe, convenient, and effective transportation to most conceivable locations, albeit at a cost. For student attending the University of Central Florida or Valencia College in East Orlando, student transportation is a dependable option. Most college apartments in the area lie along major shuttle routes to the campuses, which are serviced many, many times during a single day. This makes getting to class on time a breeze, without having to worry about traffic and parking

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