I am looking to rent an apartment in the Orlando area. What kind of parking situation can I expect at my Orlando apartment?

Different Orlando apartments offer different options as far as parking. All of these apartments will offer some kind of parking to residents. Many will offer guaranteed parking spots, in addition to guest parking. This means that you will have a spot specially reserved for you that no one else can park in without risking getting towed. When your friends and family come to visit, they can park in guest spots, which anyone can park in. Usually guest spots are a little further away and less convenient than the reserved parking spaces, which are usually in front of the buildings. Many Orlando apartments will offer covered parking, with a roof protecting cars from the elements. Some places will offer this standard; others will charge it as an upgrade at extra cost, with reserved parking for those who select it. Some places offer parking garages for residents and even guests. Parking garages are especially popular in denser urban settings. Some Orlando apartments will even offer private garages to residents as an optional upgrade.

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