What kinds of floor plans are offered by apartments in Orlando?

Many different floor plans and formats are offered by Orlando area apartment complexes. Some will be small studios or 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom units, ideal for singles and young professionals. Two bedroom, two bathroom units are perhaps the most common, and appeal to a wide range of people, from small families to young professionals and coworkers to college roommates. 3-bedroom formats are also available and very popular, and appeal to many different lifestyle needs. 4 Bedroom apartments are also common and great for families with more than one child, college students, or a group of friends who want to live together. Many different set-ups are available. Some offer an equal number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Some offer private bathrooms. Still others feature a master bed and bath suite, with smaller bedrooms sharing a bathroom. It entirely depends on what you want out of your Orlando apartment experience.

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