What Does it Mean to Rent an All-Inclusive Apartment?

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Boardwalk, located close to UCF, is an all-inclusive community with Cable, Internet and Utilities all rolled into your monthly rent.

Just how inclusive are "all-inclusive" apartments in Orlando?

The term "all-inclusive apartment" does not mean the same thing at all apartments throughout Orlando. Often all-inclusive apartments include:

  • electric
  • water
  • Internet
  • gas (where available)
  • sewer

These are in addition to the usual pest control and maintenance. Some apartments in Orlando will also include a trash removal service, often referred to as "valet waste," as well as cable or satellite TV.

Orlando apartments that advertise all-inclusive apartments will typically protect themselves by including a utility cap based upon typical apartment usage for the respective utility. This protects the apartment community from having to cover huge electric bills if a resident does not use utlities conservatively. For example, a utility cap would protect the apartments from paying huge overages if a resident should choose to run the A/C with the windows open in the middle of summer. If you are considering an all-inclusive apartment, be sure to review exactly what is included and if there are any restrictions before signing your lease.

Why do some residents prefer all-inclusive?

This option can be summed up in one word - convenience! The main benefit here is that the majority, if not all, of your housing expenses are combined and processed into one monthly bill. If you have a roommate, this can make dividing the bills much easier and you only have to remember to write one check or submit one online payment each month. Many student housing apartment communities also offer this option, as they know this is something that makes it easier for new apartment renters such as students to budget and get all their bills paid on time.

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