My number one priority is finding a safe apartment in Orlando. What are some of the different amenities and safety features that are offered?

In the world we live in, you can never be too careful, and finding a safe apartment in Orlando is a top priority. Many people are concerned with their family's safety as well as their own. Orlando is a big city, so whether you are are moving locally or moving from someplace else, it is always a comfort to feel at home in your new space. Luckily for you many Orlando apartments offer amenities that will help you and your family feel safe.

Pet Friendly

Having a furry companion can not only make you feel safer, but it is also a deterrent to anyone thinking about breaking into your home. You will find that a number of apartments in Orlando are pet friendly. Not only do dogs steer away any unwanted guests, but they can also protect you in other ways. Did you know that a dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than a human's? In the event of an accidental fire, they can detect the smoke way before you do. Some apartments that allow pets also offer dog parks and pet clean up stations. What better way to thank your pet for keeping you safe than a game of fetch? Pets are a great way to keep you feeling secure, not to mention they make great company.

Gated Communities

Another great way to help you feel safe is by living in a gated apartment community. When it comes to safety, options are always a good thing to have. Depending on which type of community you live in, you will have different types of access. Some communities will require access via a gate card, while others just simply require you to enter a gate code. In some instances, extra gate cards can be purchased for friends or family that visit frequently. Certain communities will have a guard at the gate, while other communities might also offer a courtesy patrol. Most of these officers live on the property, know the area well, and patrol regularly giving you increased peace of mind.

Alarm Systems

When looking for a new Orlando apartment, an alarm system may not be at the first thing you consider, like an upgraded kitchen or "green" apartment, might be. But, since safety is your main priority, having an alarm system in your apartment should be at the top of the list! The mere fact that you have an alarm in your apartment will deter unwanted intruders from helping themselves to your home and personal things. In some cases, some alarms have a chiming noise that lets you know whenever a door or window has been opened. This is very helpful, considering in many home invasions the intruder enters through the front door. A burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S., so make sure your home doesn't become a statistic!

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