How do I keep a tidy and organized kitchen in Orlando apartments?

If you don't have a plan for cleaning and organization right at the start, it can be easy to lose track and create a mess that takes more effort to fix later on. Moving to Orlando apartments will give you the opportunity to start fresh and develop a clear strategy for cleaning and maintain your kitchen. This is one of the more important areas to keep clean and organized as spills and other food messes are much more likely to happen here. In addition, cooking and baking is less stressful and more fun when you have an orderly workspace and plenty of clean dishes at your fingertips. Below are a few tips on how to take good care of your new kitchen.

What is included in Orlando apartment kitchens?

Typically, most standard kitchens will include a refrigerator, pantry and sink, and countertops made from a few common materials. Luxury apartments in Orlando may include special features like a kitchen island or upgraded kitchens with granite or stone countertops. While dishwashers are common in Orlando apartments, they are not included in every unit. They can be extremely helpful with cleaning and organization, however, so you may want to find a unit with this appliance for an easier time with kitchen cleanup. Another useful appliance for cleaning is a garbage disposal, which is a great way to get rid of leftover food bits immediately. This helps avoid leaving food in the garbage can for long periods of time. Apartments with valet trash removal can make disposal even easier.

What are some tips for organizing kitchens in Orlando apartments?

Kitchen organization starts with finding the right spots for plug-in appliances, various types of dishes, non-refrigerated food and cleaning supplies. The points below are a good place to start when planning item placement.

  • Plastic containers: These items often cause frustration in the kitchen! Not being able to find a lid or container bottom can be quite an annoyance while preparing your food. If you have trouble keeping track these parts, the easier solution is to purchase highly stackable plastic containers where even the lids snap on to the bottom. Otherwise, take extra care to keep the lids and bottoms together and stack them in a logical way. This Sweet Home article has more information on the best food storage containers.
  • Dishes: It may be tempting to stack any type of dishes in the first place you can reach, but it is better to take some time to pick the best placement to avoid future accidents. Keep nice glasses and silverware further away if you don't plan to use them often. Dishes used more frequently, like smaller bowls and drinking glasses, should be easier to reach and away from more delicate items.
  • Appliances: Smaller appliances, like blenders, mixers and food processors, can be tucked away in cabinets to keep the countertops clear of clutter. Frequently used appliances, like toasters, can be tucked into corners as long as safety instructions are followed.
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