I have some family coming into town and they would like to stay at a nice hotel. What are some of the best hotels near Full Sail Apartments?

Some of the best apartments in Orlando have plenty of room to house extra guests that come visit, but if you have a large family or prefer to have your own space, it's probably best to suggest hotels for your family to stay at instead. This way, you don't have to stress about hosting everyone and if you live in a student apartment with roommates, you won't have to hassle anyone with having a cramped space.

The great thing about having your family stay close to apartments near Full Sail is that there are so many beautiful, upscale hotels that can provide your family members just visiting for a few days a luxurious and worthwhile experience. Orlando is a huge city and every hotel offers a unique experience when it comes to room selection, hotel amenities, and location. With so much variety, you will be able to find the perfect hotel for every family member!

Hyatt Regency Orlando

The best thing about this hotel is that it is completely family-friendly and for both young kids and adults. The location of this hotel is close to a bunch of restaurants, bars, and attractions, perfect for an extended family vacation or just a few days full of exciting family activities.

Most of the rooms offered have balconies and a view of the large pool and lounge area. Plus, this hotel has a 24-hour market, and 5 restaurants and bars, so eating near Full Sail apartments is super convenient!

Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

If your family wants a once-in-a-lifetime stay, this hotel is the place for them. Not only does the interior of this hotel look like it should be in a museum, but beautiful paintings, art, and architecture are also some of the things that set this hotel apart from others.

Some extra perks about staying here include a full-service spa, a Starbucks for hotel residents, private dining rooms and conference rooms, a gift shop, and plenty of nice restaurants close by. 

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Orlando

This hotel can give you a similar experience to living in a luxury apartment but this experience is even better because your family would be paying more to stay for only a few days. To get the most out of your experience, luxury hotels like the Ritz-Carlton are known for going over the top with service, amenities, and restaurants for their guests.

With an expansive golf course, a huge recreation center with trails, kayaking, and tennis, a full-service spa and massage center, and 10 different restaurants, your guests will be pampered to the max.

Rosen Plaza Hotel

This hotel is right next to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and has plenty of spacious rooms and suites to choose from. Also, there are plenty of places to eat here that are in proximity to your apartment near Full Sail. Whether you want to eat with your family at a casual or fine-dining restaurant, Rosen Plaza has 8 great dining options to choose from and even more in the surrounding Orlando area!

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