How can we, as newlyweds, make our apartment near UCF feel like home?

Congratulations on your marriage! What an exciting time for you and your spouse, moving in together and building memories in your first home at your UCF apartment. Whether you are a UCF graduate student or an undergrad, making your apartment feel like home is vital in your marriage.

Find a UCF Apartment Together

If you are in the process of searching for your new University of Central Florida apartment, you will want to look for a space that suits both your needs and style. You may want to search amenities like double vanity sinks in the main bathroom, more storage, or an extra bedroom for guests or your new extended family members when they come to visit. Your spouse may want a pool to relax by after a long day of classes at UCF or an apartment fitness center or gym. Make sure you both have a say and pick an apartment that will fit both your wants and needs. is a great place to start your search for the perfect apartment near UCF.

Consolidate your Belongings

When two people move in together, they each bring their personal items. To start a life together you may look at merging your belongings like dishes, towels, and appliances. Make sure you sort things together, and everyone agrees on what to keep or what to clear out. Before your wedding, you filled out a registry, and your family and friends gave gifts to fill your new apartment with, which would make the process easier. If you find items that you wish to get rid of, you will want to donate to a local Goodwill or another secondhand shop around the Orlando area.


Once you got the basics covered, you may start thinking about décor for your new apartment near UCF. The decor of a home is a big step and one that you will want to think carefully about to ensure both parties feel like it is their home. You both may need to compromise as you pick décor to reflect both of your styles. Maybe a shopping trip is in order, and you each can pick out something you would like to include. As most University of Central Florida students, you may feel limited with your budget, but there are a lot of places to shop in every budget, including Target, Walmart, or Ikea.


As you build your new home at your UCF apartment, there will be a lot of adjustments as a newly married couple. Communication is key in any relationship, especially when you are still attending college and balancing a busy schedule together. You may want to make a list of chores or housework that needs to be done and split accordingly. Maybe one despises doing laundry, and the other doesn't mind doing it. Keeping up with the daily chores makes your time as newlyweds and students a little easier to navigate. Make sure you set aside time to enjoy your hobbies and friends and give space for your spouse when needed.

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