How do I maintain the ‘new Orlando apartment’ smell?

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When you first move into apartments in Orlando, you'll have a clean space that was recently washed and prepared for the next resident. This likely includes a fresh-smelling carpet with clean walls, counters and appliances. Over time, however, you may be worried about maintaining that "clean" smell, especially if you own pets or plan to adopt in the future. While some smells may still be unavoidable, there are steps you can take to lessen their effects and keep bad smells from sticking around.

What are common smells and how do I avoid or prevent them?

Depending on your living situation and lifestyle, you may encounter a few smells in your apartment that are unpleasant and tend to linger in the air. Below are some common issues and tips on how to deal with them.

  • Cats: Many residents in cat-friendly apartments are concerned with strong litter odor. A few different strategies can help eliminate most of the problem. The most important step is to keep litter boxes out of the main areas. While bedroom litter boxes can be unpleasant as well, keeping them behind a closet or bathroom door than can be partially closed is effective at reducing odors. Additionally, make sure to scoop and change your litter often. Sometimes you can get used to the smell without noticing the strength – try asking a friend what they think and increase the frequency if needed.
  • Dogs: Residents in dog-friendly apartments may have dogs that produce stronger smells. If you are very concerned about furniture and visitors, consider placing covers on couches or sofas, or train your pet early to avoid these areas. While regular baths can be a great way to reduce odors, wipes are a better strategy for some dogs. Keeping your dog brushed and groomed can be very helpful, as well as cleaning the ears and teeth regularly.
  • Trash: Creating a system and schedule for your trash is important when maintaining a fresh-smelling apartment. It may be tempting to have a large garbage can, but this can lead to leaving food and other smelly items in the can for too long. Orlando apartments with valet trash are a good solution for reducing trips to the dumpster and keeping trash out of your unit. However, consider taking strong-smelling leftovers, like meat, directly to the dumpster.

How do I add my preferred fragrance to Orlando apartments?

Air fresheners, both spray and oil-based, are an excellent way to relax and enjoy your favorite aroma in Orlando apartments. However, make sure you don't rely on air fresheners to mask unpleasant smells rather than focusing on the source. This can sometimes make the smell even worse! Candles and incense are great tools for temporary fragrances, but make sure you put them out and keep them away from flammable items. For a safer option, fresh cut flowers and even some house plants can provide just enough aroma that may be less overwhelming for smell-sensitive visitors. For more tips and ideas, read through this Real Simple article on home fragrance.

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