Do you recommend any off campus neighborhoods to live in that are close to UCF campus?

With Orlando being a family vacation attraction, you can surely bet that there are plenty of UCF apartments residing in suburban neighborhoods. Deciding which neighborhood to live in may be your biggest challenge to face when searching for your next home.

Starting Your Search for the Right Neighborhood near UCF

When searching for apartments near UCF, it is best to keep several questions at the forefront of your mind; How much do you plan on spending each month on your rent? Will you need to commute to work and school? What are your hobbies and interests? Do you prefer a quiet place or one that is surrounded by entertainment?

Before you begin your search, it may be helpful to gain some sort of insight into each neighborhood surrounding the campus of UCF. Take a look at some of our recommendations below.

Winter Park

Winter Park is one of the closest neighborhoods to the University of Central Florida. Only eight miles from campus, this suburban village is collectively intermixed with a trendy urban environment. Here, you will find an eclectic mix of residential areas, open park space, and blocks of local street shopping. Winter Park has become the ideal community for business professionals and commuters needing to travel daily to downtown Orlando. With easy access and shorter routes to Orlando's metropolitan area, you can expect heavier traffic just outside of the neighborhood. Although Winter Park is equipped with entertainment and convenience, apartments in this area tend to be higher priced than your average community.

Avalon Park

Avalon Park is probably one of the most popular neighborhoods for UCF students. However, do not expect this area to be populated with partying neighbors. With strict HOA regulations, Avalon Park is a very lively yet quiet neighborhood. Home to many younger students and families, Avalon Park is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the county. This exorbitant community is filled with amenities for all residents to enjoy. Such luxury includes a dog park, bike trails, public pools, gas stations, and local grocery stores. If you are looking for a "Small America Feel," Avalon Heights may be the perfect area to search for UCF apartments.

Waterford Lakes

If you're already a student at UCF, you might have found yourself frequenting the Waterford Lakes area to visit your favorite stores and restaurants. This small neighborhood hosts one of the most well-established open air shopping centers in the Orlando area. Apartments in this area are not traditional student housing with by-the-bed leases, but you will find that quite a few students live at the apartments peppered throughout this neighborhood.


You may not find as many UCF students in the Oviedo area of Orlando, although it is relatively close to campus. However, this neighborhood is exceptional for those who are moving to the area with a family. With lower crime rates, great schools, and scenic park areas, it is no wonder why many are attracted to these convenient apartment communities. Oviedo is known for its rapidly growing business community. Several major employers occupy this neighborhood, making employment opportunities highly obtainable. Like Winter Park, there are major roadways outside of the desirable neighborhood such has County Road 426 and 419. However, keep in mind that although these roads make for shorter commutes, they do bring a slight traffic burden with them.

Although there are many, many more neighborhoods surrounding the Orlando and University area, the four mentioned above are some of the more popular areas for college students. Ranging from a more youthful demographic to family-friendly, Orlando's neighborhoods continue to ramify comfortable living.

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