I will be using a moving truck to transport my stuff to my new place. Are moving trucks allowed inside the community and how long can the truck be parked for?

The tons and tons of stuff we’ve accumulated over the years but we just can’t part with makes moving quite the task. The majority of us will require a moving truck, and with the cost of those suckers we want to pack it and unpack it as quickly as possible. The management knows that residents will most likely be using moving trucks when they move in. The rule is to be courteous. Don’t park your moving truck in the middle of the street because you will be blocking in cars and inhibiting traffic flow. Don’t leave your moving truck parked across five spaces in busy part of the complex. Try to do your unloading quickly and away from heavy traffic. If you will be leaving the truck overnight, notify the office and make sure you have the proper parking permits and you know where you are allowed to park the truck.

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