I'm moving to Florida from out of town. What kind of weather can I expect at my Full Sail apartment?

If you are moving into a Full Sail apartment from out of state, it is good to know what kind of weather you can expect at your new apartment. Despite Florida being called the Sunshine State, apartment owners should be prepared for fierce thunderstorms, hail, hurricanes and even some surprisingly chilly days during the winter months. Living in an apartment near Full Sail means coming to the realization that Florida is much more than endless sunny days.

During the summer months, Full Sail apartment owners should be prepared for some extremely sporadic weather. From about May to September, Central Florida experiences heavy showers or thunderstorms almost every afternoon. One minute it is sunnier than ever. The next minute dark clouds have filled the sky, lightning flashes and your soaked to the bone as you scramble from your car to your apartment door. In some places, it practically runs like clockwork - an afternoon rain storm comes in every day 2 p.m. However, Full Sail apartment owners shouldn't fret that their summer will be completely washed out. Afternoon summer rain storms near Full Sail usually move in and out rapidly. A half hour to a hour of heavy rain and lightning will quickly give way to clear skies and sunshine. Just make sure to bring an umbrella every day you leave your Full Sail apartment during the summer.

If you are moving to the Full Sail area from out of state, you need to realize you won't be in a tank top and shorts 365 days out of the year. Full Sail apartment owners should expect cooler weather from mid November to mid March. Despite what the rest of the country may think of Florida, there are plenty of days during the winter months that are literally freezing. January and February will be the coldest months at your Full Sail apartment. Expect some days to hover in the 40s and high 30s, and nights dropping below freezing. If your Full Sail apartment comes with a fireplace, take advantage of it on one of these cold nights. You won't get to use it often! But as I mentioned above, Florida weather is finicky. Expect random days during the winter to jump into the eighties without warning.

Don't let this article scare you away from moving into your new Full Sail apartment. Florida weather is beautiful. People retire here for a reason. While some freak storms and hurricanes may blow threw every now and then, Full Sail apartment owners can expect most days out of the year to be full of sunshine and warm temperatures.

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