How do I avoid damaging or misplacing my items when moving Full Sail Apartments?

Moving can be a hectic time with the tasks of packing everything up, transporting all your items, and unpacking everything again when you arrive at your new apartment near Full Sail. During the moving process, you may be concerned about losing or damaging items like jewelry, décor, furniture and other fragile possessions. To have the best experience when you rent apartments near Full Sail, it is important to take a few precautions and extra steps that will help keep your items safe and intact during packing, transporting and unpacking. Below are a few ways you can protect your valuables while you move to a new apartment.

Some apartments in the area offer furniture options, so you won't have to worry about moving large pieces of furniture. See a full list of furnished Orlando apartments.

What steps should I take to protect my furniture in the moving truck?

Fitting all your furniture inside the moving truck can be a challenge on its own; however, in addition to making sure you have enough room, you should also consider the stability and placement of your items. Even if the drive to Full Sail apartments is smooth and short, items can shift during turns and stops. It is especially important to protect furniture with glass parts. A cabinet with glass doors, for example, can easily shatter during bumps or collisions with other furniture. One way to prevent this is to remove the glass doors from the cabinet and wrap them on their own. Otherwise, you will want to fill the cabinet with thick blankets and secure everything tightly with bubble wrap and tape. Avoid taping the glass directly if you don't want to deal with removing residue later.

To avoid scratches and nicks, place soft and secure barriers between adjacent furniture items, especially heavier items that can slide and shift during the drive. Wood can easily be damaged by other sharp wood or metal bits. Pillows are a great way to cushion edges and prevent furniture from sliding around in the moving truck. Keep in mind that moving to a unit other than the ground floor will require you to carry furniture up the stairs. Some Full Sail Apartments come with elevators, which can be padded with extra protection during your move.

How do I prevent losing items during the move to Full Sail Apartments?

Sorting through and packing up your items is a great way to find things you previously misplaced. However, you probably don't want to lose them again! Even though it may take a little extra time, using a strategic and secure packing system can make unpacking much easier.

One way to keep track of everything is label your boxes in a clear way that you can understand. While it's not necessary to list every single item in the box, a quick description can be very useful later. Try to keep similar items, like jewelry and accessories, in the same box. Additional containers within a large box can help prevent loss of smaller items and can even be kept in the same storage box after you move in. For additional tips on how to pack efficiently, read through this Real Simple article.

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