I am searching for an apartment in Orlando that offers 21st century style amenities. What are some of the features I can look for in my modern Orlando apartment?

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Arden Villas offers electronic rent payments.

It seems these days that everyone relies on technology. Most of us even have some type of smartphone, which is basically a small computer at our fingertips. In a world where technology is rapidly growing and intertwining with our everyday lives, why not live in an apartment that is up to date and modern? With Orlando being the modern and progressive city that it is, you will easily be able to find apartments with ‘smart', modern amenities and features.

USB Outlets

Let's be honest, everything that has a battery can pretty much be ran off of a USB. That's why an Orlando apartment with USB outlets is a great choice. Since this technology has become popular within the past 10 years or so, you will find this amenity in most of Orlando's newer apartment communities. Unless the apartment community has been renovated or recently upgraded, you will not find USB outlets in older apartments. USB outlets can be used to charge a number of different things, including phones, laptops, tablets, and so on. This means that you can charge multiple devices on one outlet without having to switch out the charger. This type of outlet will soon become more common in houses and apartments, especially since the number of devices that can be charged with a USB is constantly growing. These types of apartments are helping pave the way into the future.

Online Rent Payment

Paperless is the way to go these days. Credit card statements can be paperless and even receipts can be sent to your email. So, why not pay your rent electronically and save a few trees? If this is a feature you're looking for, you're in luck. Several apartments in Orlando offer online rent payments as an amenity. With online rent payments you can schedule automatic payments and reminders for yourself, so you'll never forget to pay. No more stopping to get a cashier's check and having to drop it off by the office – you can now pay your rent with the click of a button. Most other bills can be paid online, why not your rent? In case you were wondering, this amenity comes at no extra cost to you. Another bonus to having online rent payments is that you can make the payment at a time when it's convenient for you. No more having to work around business hours.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric cars are steadily becoming a popular mode of transportation. Some Orlando apartments have kept up with this trend by offering electric car charging stations within the apartment community. If you own an electric vehicle you won't need to worry about how you are going to get your car charged. The community will often designate certain parking spots that are equipped for charging. It is common for the community to charge an extra fee for using electricity to charge your car; this will be a separate bill from your monthly rent. This type of amenity is still fairly new, so make sure you ask the apartment detailed questions about how to use it and any fees that may be involved.

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