My UCF apartment didn’t come with a microwave. Do I need one for my apartment?

I was very surprised when I found out my UCF apartment did not include a microwave. I figured all apartments around a college campus would include one, considering the huge student population. But don’t be fooled, microwaves are not always included in every UCF apartment. Here is what you can do if you find yourself without one.

Having a microwave in your UCF apartment would definitely make life in your kitchen easier. Needing to heat up leftovers or cook frozen meals in your oven can be slow and impractical. Using your oven also raises the temperature in your kitchen, something everyone wants to avoid during hot Orlando summers in your UCF apartment. Having a microwave keeps from producing unnecessary heat while cooking. 

Before you go out and buy a brand new microwave, take a look at your UCF apartment’s lease. Most apartment leases list the amenities and appliances that come with the apartment. Check to see if microwaves are listed. If they are, contact your landlord (for privately owned apartments), or the management (for apartment complexes) and ask for a microwave to be installed for you.

If your lease does not guarantee a microwave, and you’re a UCF student on a tight college budget, living without a microwave isn’t impossible. For instance, I went an entire year without a microwave in my UFC apartment. It was a hassle at first, but I got use to it very quickly. It also encourages you to cook healthier meals, since most microwave meals are inherently high in sodium and preservatives. Being microwave-less also allows more space for other kitchen appliances in your UCF apartment.

There are a couple of other quick cooking options that could not only substitute as a microwave, but also save you valuable counter space in your UCF apartment. A toaster oven is one such option. Most toaster ovens are about the same size, or even smaller, than a microwave. They also do the job just as well. If your apartment allows it, look into space saving toaster ovens. These hang from underneath your kitchen cabinets, thus saving precious countertop space underneath. Since set up requires drilling holes in the bottom of your kitchen cabinets, have the apartment’s management arrange the installation. This ensures that they are aware of the modification and approve of the appliance. This also keeps your from being liable for any damages that may occur during installation.

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