I’m having issues regarding mental health. What resources are available near my UCF apartment?

Mental health is an ongoing, difficult struggle that many students face all over the country. If you are living near the University of Central Florida, there are plenty of accessible resources that will allow you to seek the help you need on your own time. The first step in seeking help is understanding the resources available to you. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or sessions using Telemental health, you can decide the type of therapy that will work best for you and go from there.

If you live in a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment, chances are you've probably already weighed the option of opening up to your roommates about your mental health struggles. Opening up to someone can be scary but understanding that there are people out there who care about you and will support your decision to seek help can make the process seem less intimidating.

With support from your family, friends, and healthcare professionals near your UCF apartment, you can manage your mental health for the better.

Utilize UCF's Counseling and Psychological Services

If you are a student, UCF has many resources to help guide you on your way to a better mental place. Some of the resources available include individual counseling and assessment, group counseling and workshops, couples counseling, crisis counseling, and an 8-week online therapy treatment program. Most of these options offer the choice of online and in-person sessions. Deciding whether you would prefer to meet face-to-face or online in apartments near UCF is up to you and whether or not you have a quiet apartment to have meetings online.

Visit a NAMI Support Group in Proximity to Apartments Near UCF

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has a list on its website full of resources available near you. Most states have NAMI activities, events, and support groups for families and individuals available, including multiple locations in the Orlando area. Their support groups and for individuals and families are free and require that you be a minimum of 18 years of age to participate.

The great thing about this option is that they offer both online and in-person options for support meetings and you can decide whether you want to meet with others who are struggling with their mental health as well or if you would prefer to talk to someone alone. If you decide you would like to pursue the online meetings, registration is required beforehand.

Seek Online Mental Health Services in the Comfort of Your UCF Apartment

Sometimes in-person sessions can be nerve-wracking and intimidating. If you are someone who has social anxiety or feels that meeting in person is less conducive to the treatment and therapy you are looking for, meeting online at an apartment near UCF is another great alternative. Cerebral is an online psychiatric service offering counseling, medicine, or both depending on the package you choose. You can cancel your subscription anytime and you don't need insurance.

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