I’m a first-year student at UCF and I don’t know what major to pick. Any advice?

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Starting college always comes with uncertainty, even for those who feel that they are sure of what they want to pursue, but luckily, for students living in apartments near UCF, there are many resources through the university and elsewhere that can aid you in making a decision about your major. The University of Central Florida is a great school with so many majors to choose from. Don't let the wide range of choices scare you though, the more options the better. Here are a few key pieces of advice to help you pick the perfect major.

Don't stress! 

While I'm sure you must want to decide on your major as soon as possible, there is no need to stress! When it comes to starting college, many students are unsure of their major, and even if they do have a specific major in mind, they sometimes switch their major anyway. When I began college, I thought that I would study theatre, but I ended up pursuing a double major in Communications and English. Now I'd like to pursue a career in journalism, not acting. Your mind can change, and you may discover what you thought you wanted just isn't right for you and that's okay. First-year students typically have a lot of general education requirements to get through anyway, so you have more time than you think to decide on your major. In the meantime, relax and enjoy college life. Kick back and relax at the pool of one of the apartments near UCF. 

Check out career advising.

Speak with a UCF career advisor. The University of Central Florida is immensely helpful to students who are unsure of what they want to major in. Students can make an appointment via Handshake to discuss their options. Additionally, there are career matching quizzes that you can take to find the perfect major for your interests. Your results may even surprise you. UCF encourages students to use a program called MyPlan. If you're still stumped about which major is right for you there is a class that you can enroll in, that may spark some ideas. The class is called MHS 2330. If you'd like to enroll, be sure to speak with your advisor. For additional resources take a look at UCF's Career Services website. 

Talk to your friends.

Make sure to talk to your friends about your predicament. More likely than not your friends are similar to you in terms of interests. You may find that the major one of your friends is pursuing may suit you as well. Of course, don't pick your major based on what others are doing, but do listen to them about what their major is like and what the career opportunities look like for them once they graduate. Even if you don't resonate with a major that they are involved in, they may spark some ideas about what you should do. Your friends know you and therefore should know your likes and dislikes. Ask them for their advice. It could be just what you need to decide on a major. Also, if you are looking to make new friends, check out UCF apartments with roommate matching services.  

Remember, uncertainty is normal when starting college. You're on track! UCF has so many majors that you'll be sure to find something that you like. Just take your time and enjoy living in apartments near UCF.

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