I am looking for luxury apartments in Orlando. Any ideas?

Brand new apartments are springing up all over Orlando,  and is certainly the trend for these to be luxury apartments. New apartments are focusing on lifestyle and providing features and amenities that residents might not have been able to afford if they bought or built their own home.  This added value increases the popularity of ever expanding apartments in Orlando.

Orlando apartments offer a plethora of amazing luxury communities. No matter if you are looking near Winter Park or closer to Downtown, our site can help you find the perfect apartment for you. We can help you find communities with amenities like resort style swimming pools, upgraded kitchens, and walk-in closets. Check out this list of 7 of our favorite luxury apartment features:

  1. Real Granite Countertops

    Does your new apartment have real stone countertops? Do the touch test-- if the counter top is cool to the touch, it is likely granite or quartz.

  2. Upgraded Kitchen Cabinetry

    Another one of our favorite kitchen upgrades, real wood cabinetry is gorgeous, more durable, and makes a different type of noise when you shut your kitchen cabinets. Check the quality of kitchen cabinetry by opening and closing the doors.

  3. Is it sound construction? 

    Is there music playing in the model apartment? Ask the leasing agent to turn the music off and see if you can hear the neighbors. Then, close the bedroom door with your roommate inside and slam the front door. Can you hear it?

  4. How big is the pool?

    If the apartment  community is large, the pool should be too. Check for ample seating and see if the pool has nearby grills-- does it seem like there is enough space for everyone to enjoy themselves on the weekend?

  5. Is the property gated, and is there a gate attendant?

    Peace of mind is most important in your new home. Check if the property is gated, and ask questions about guest entry.

  6. Does the property have valet trash pickup?

    Valet trash might be our favorite amenity. You just put your trash in a bin outside of your door and someone comes to take it away every evening. How convenient! 

  7. Are the appliances new or energy efficient? 

    Check the brand and make  of  all of the appliances. You definitely will want them to be energy efficient and to have an ice maker in the freezer.
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