What are some of the best amenities in luxury apartment communities in Orlando?

Interested in a more lavish lifestyle, starting with where you live? Well let's talk about sophisticated amenities in luxury Orlando apartments. These amenities are a step up from what you would expect at any standard apartment complex and often require a higher cost-of-living. Some places offer upgraded unit-specific features for a little extra on monthly rent, while other places offer access to community-wide amenities by charging amenity fees. Make sure to explore all of your options when touring your future home and look for some of the features we'll pinpoint, below, offered in Orlando apartments.

With an influx of snowbirds and corporate housing, luxury apartments in Orlando are great at offering an array of sought-after amenities. Most people come here to vacation or retire and want the finer things in life. Others who work all day want to come home to easy and indulgent living where all their needs are right at their fingertips. Abodo does a great job at compiling a list of the 12 Most Desired Amenities in Luxury Apartment Communities if you want a quick hit list. Totally in line with Abodo's list but below are my two cents on the top, most attainable, amenities for comfortable living.

Luxury Online Amenities

  • Electronic Rent Payment - Paying rent online is game-changing. You won't notice how useful this feature is unless you've experienced the difference between writing out checks and running them down to the leasing office each month versus setting up automatic payments online.
    • Have you ever had to pay rent within the first 5 days of the month, forgot or waited until day 5, and have day 5 fall on a Sunday/holiday when the office is closed? Well, it's not fun and causes unnecessary anxiety. On the flip side, have you had the joy of setting up automatic payments to go out on the first of each month? Well this is a great feature and it reduces lots of time spent worrying about physically making payments on time along with having to schedule that around when the leasing offices are open to accept them. Don't underestimate the glory of this feature!

Luxury In-Unit Amenities

  • Upgraded Kitchen - Stainless steel appliances, larger fridge with ice maker and water filter, glass-top stove with extra burners and more cabinet space. Say no more.
    • Kitchen Island - Having an island gives you more storage space, more seating areas and an area to prep your meals while watching TV with extra room to move around instead of facing the wall under an over-head cabinet blocking the light.
    • Granite/Stone Countertops - You may think this is so not necessary, but granite is more heat-resistant and less prone to dings and scratches. Granite/stone countertops are more aesthetically pleasing and useful. You can roll out dough on a clean counter or place warm pots/baking sheets on top unlike the cardboard countertops in budget-apartments. I can almost guarantee that you'll be less likely to pay for any damages when you move out because there won't be any due to the tough nature of the materials.
  • Double Vanity - Why have one sink when you can have two? Maybe you are living with someone or you have guests over, the double vanity gives you enough room and access to the sink and counter space so you can both get ready at the same time. Eliminate the bickering over who gets to use the sink first and for how long. Don't rush and have more room to get ready or wind down in peace.
  • USB Outlets - You'll know the worth of these USB outlets when you really need to charge something but cannot seem to find a charging block. Plus, this frees up a ton of outlets for other electronics that require two (or three) prong sockets.
  • Upgraded Blinds - Aesthetically pleasing and better for regulating temperature in the apartment, which in turn reduces your monthly bill spent on cooling/heating. Fancier blinds often make finer decorations. Upgraded blinds typically mean better quality, which can help trap the cold or hot air in your unit, so you don't have to run the AC/heater all day at a higher setting to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Programmable Thermostat - Obtain extra control over your home's temperature and monthly utility bill. Forget having to bump up the temperature a couple degrees when leaving the house and coming home to an unbearably hot apartment in the summer just to save a few bucks. Program your thermostat to reach your perfect temperature before you get home. You should feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door.
  • Alarm Systems - Opt for increased security and safety in your home, especially if you're living alone.

Luxury Community Amenities

  • Valet Trash Removal - Remove smelly trash from your apartment daily. Simply leave the trash right outside your front door and someone will come scoop it up at a designated time each day, easy enough. Maintain that clean and fresh-smelling apartment without rotting trash sitting in the bin until you have time and willpower to walk it to the chute.
  • Pet Clean-up Station - If you have a pet that you like to walk around the neighborhood, these are super beneficial to have. The stations typically provide pet waste bags and a bin to dispose of the waste right away. Otherwise, you'll have to bring your own bag and carry it back to your home trash can or to a public bin somewhere.
  • Fitness Classes - On-site fitness classes are a godsend if you have a busy schedule, don't want to spend excess money on fitness studio memberships, want to try out different classes or are new to the area and haven't quite figured out the commute or where you want to go yet. Most apartment community fitness classes are taught by certified trainers who come in weekly and lead yoga, boot camp, Zumba classes. Some properties offer on-demand training so you can workout on your own schedule and choose from dozens of different classes.
  • Clubhouses - One-stop-shop for fun or office needs. Clubhouses tend to offer games like pool, darts, gaming consoles for entertainment for you and your guests. Some even offer small movie theaters for cozy movie nights in your pjs. Coffee bars and free internet access and computer access are also offered in these rooms for your day-to-day or business needs.
  • Electric Car Charging Station - As hybrid cars and the Tesla movement become more of a widespread thing, this is becoming a more desired and necessary feature in communities. Otherwise you'd have to run over to the nearest charging station and wait for hours to charge your car, which is a huge waste of time when you could be charging from the comfort of your home.
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