If I get locked out of my Orlando apartment, who should I call?

It's happens to the best of us. We arrive home after long day, dig deep into our pocket or purse, in search of our key, and come up empty handed. "It CAN'T be," you think, "this seriously isn't happening." Or, perhaps you grabbed the wrong set of keys, or some other mishap occured and now you're starting feel your pulse quicken. We know you're already starting to think, "If I get locked out of my Orlando apartment, who should I call?" Don't panic! Here's what you can do:

Call Your Leasing Office

This is your best bet. They will provide you with the maintenance, non-emergency, or lock out number. Call the number and notify them of your name and apartment number. Depending on whether or not the staff lives on the property, you should wait by your apartment until they arrive. Also, get familiar with the lockout policy for your community. If you're in the habit of losing your keys, you may begin to incur fees.

Call A Friend

If you can't get in touch with your leasing office, run through that mental list of friends, family members, housekeepers, etc., that might possess an extra key to your place. Sometimes, in the midst of your frustration, you may easily forget that cousin Bob down the road has a spare when you asked him to come over and let Sparky out on your last vacation. Also, we don't recommend you go breaking any windows (or not keeping your apartment secure!) but it may be worth a sweep around your home (if you're on the ground floor, for example) to check for a lapse in judgement and an open window or sliding glass door.

Call A Locksmith

Generally, calling a locksmith will likely be your last step. If you are unable to reach a staff member when you are locked out and you decide to call a locksmith, notify the leasing office as soon as possible as to not violate any rules or regulation that would result in a fine. At Orlando apartments, if you are locked out during business hours simply call or walk into the office and they will have a maintenance staff member help you out. Experienced a lockout? Here is our post-lockout debrief. We recommend securing a spare key and keeping it in a safe place or with a trusted friend or neighbor. You might even consider inquiring with your property if they offer an electronic key fob or keypad option. 
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