Is there anywhere to live that’s no not near the Disney attractions?

Are you searching for Orlando apartments near entertainment but far away from tourism? Orlando is central Florida's nerve venter for entertainment.

Orlando is famed for its universal entertainment and Walt-Disney themed dreams. Over 51 million people make an annual trip to Orlando, and a whopping 97% of those visitors are traveling domestically. Meaning, most visitors traveling into the city are living within the United States.  A safe assumption would easily conclude that there must be some sort of harboring attractions within the central Florida city that continuously draws out such large numbers.

Orlando is made up of nearly 2.6 millions acres of town, making it almost the size of Austin, Texas. Although this gives rise to plenty of entertainment throughout the city, these large geographically boundaries can make it quite difficult when searching for Orlando apartments. That said, however, you can safely bet that landing a home away from the tourist town is definitely a possibility.

If you are in search for a thriving business community, try looking for Orlando apartments located in downtown Orlando. Downtown Orlando is filled with residential neighborhoods and urban city-styled dwellings. Although this part of town is not as fast paced as New York City, you can think of it as a fine mix between LA and East coast. The area is quickly expanding and has become especially popular amongst students and business professionals. Downtown's nightlife is highly well known even throughout the entire region of central Florida. There are trendy restaurants, bars, and clubs. On the weekend, an entire block is shut down strictly for nightly entertainment.

Conversely, if you are looking for Orlando apartments that are more serene, try searching for homes near Lake Buena Vista. Although there are plenty of things to do in the area, it may be important to note that this particular neighborhood is closer to the tourist part of town. That said, there is plenty of great shopping, golfing, and dinning to be had in Lake Buena Vista.  In fact, this is some of Florida's best bargain shops. Kate Spade, Nike, Burton, Coach, and more all have outlet stores near Lake Buena Vista.

If luxury is a must, you may want to consider living in an all-inclusive or upscale community in town. Windemere is famous for attracting handfuls of celebrities to town. The gorgeous southern-charmed neighborhood is just outside of Disney, however, feels as though its hours away due to its exclusivity.

Metro West is another popular neighborhood filled with entertainment. More known for its kid-friendly quarters, this neighborhood is just a short drive from downtown and surrounded by malls and restaurants. Metro West packs its neighborhood with entertainment in order to allow its residents to never have to leave home.

With Orlando being such a large city, there are plenty of neighborhoods to live in that are far away from the tourist attractions.

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