Should I live on campus?

Living on a University campus can definitely add to the overall value and experience of your college career. However, whether or not you prefer to live on or off campus is entirely up to you! The University of Central Florida has been considered one of the most beautiful College campuses in the nation. Although this may be a subjective point of view, many cannot deny the convenience the campus provides as well. Knights Plaza is located on the campus and there is plenty to do just in this area! This plaza contains many restaurants, a movie theatre, bingo nights and a farmers market! Many residence flock towards this area on the weekends and after class. On campus apartments in UCF are also much newer and upgraded than other campuses in the near by area. This school is newer and rapidly growing which has resulted in newer building for living space. Living on campus also gives you easy access to the football stadium on Game day! Being on campus, you can meet new friends, enjoy the student facilities, and even become a part of the Knight community.

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