Will I be assessed a late fee if I turn my rent in late?

Probably yes. The terms of your lease should specially state what, if any, late charges you will be assessed. Most Orlando apartments will have their rent due on the 1st of the month and will typically have a grace period in effect. This grace period typically ranges from about 3-6 days. If you pay your rent late after the grace period you will most likely be subject to a late fee. Late fees can either be one flast rate or a tier style system. For example, with the flat rate late charge you will pay the late fee regardless of if you are 7 days late, 17 days late, or 27 days late. The tier style late fee system would involve and increasingly higher late fee as you get further into the month. For example, if you pay your rent on the 7th day you may be assessed $25, if you pay on the 17th you will have a late fee of $50, and if you pay on the 27th you will owe $75 in late fees. If you know you will be late on your rent, speak with the management as soon as possible.

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