Any tips for organizing my new University of Central Florida apartment kitchen?

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Organize your UCF apartment kitchen with these quick tips and tricks.

A lot of aspects of moving can be difficult but trying to organize a new kitchen has to be one of the most frustrating, especially for those who are moving from the University of Central Florida dorms into their very first apartment. Whether you are living by yourself in a one-bedroom apartment or living with roommates, staying organized is the best way to make use of your new kitchen efficiently. 

Utilize All of Your Space

Using all of the space you have available is the most important way to keep your kitchen organized and efficient. Of course, using cabinets and your kitchen pantry is an obvious tip but make sure to get creative with how you use the space you have. You can use over-the-door spice racks or use command hooks to hang up your measuring cups and spoons. By creatively using your space, you can maximize all of your space and keep all of your kitchen essentials nice and organized.

Make sure to also keep your cabinets and pantry organized by using baskets, containers, and other organizational supplies. You can use baskets to keep all of your snacks that you may find yourself just throwing into the pantry. This is such an easy way to keep organized that doesn't require a lot of time, which is perfect for University of Central Florida students.

Use a Rolling Cart

If you're lucky enough to have an apartment near UCF with a kitchen island, you definitely have the extra counter space and storage that everyone dreams of. However, for those of us who may not have that luxury, rolling carts is just the solution needed. Because these come in a plethora of different shapes or sizes, it is easy to find one that is perfect for any space.

Because of the ability to move them easily, rolling carts or islands can be taken out when needed and stored away when you need the extra space. Rolling carts are perfect for storing things you may not need every time you're in the kitchen or can be brought out whenever you need some additional counter space.

Color Code

Many people living in apartments near UCF have roommates and having a kitchen organization system is a great way to keep everyone's stuff organized! One of the easiest ways to organize kitchen essentials is by color, especially in the pantry. Have all of your roommates pick colors and get containers in those colors to organize everyone's food in a way that's not only cute but super easy to remember.

DIY Kitchen Organization

If you're a UCF student on a budget, DIYing is the perfect way to create some great kitchen organization for low to no cost. One of the most frustrating kitchen essentials to organize are plastic storage containers! You can try and organize them in a cabinet but eventually, someone's going to just throw one in and mess it all up. The Budget Decorator has come up with some perfect solutions to this problem. My favorite is by using a dish drying rack to organize all of the lids!

We've all struggled to organize our first, or even our tenth, apartment kitchens. The important part is to find a system that works for you and stick with it! No matter your budget or the kitchen space you have to work with, there is definitely a DIY that is perfect for your UCF apartment.

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