Are there any UCF apartments that have rooms for Fall still available in July?

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Whether you spent your summer at an internship or relaxing by the pool, it is very quickly coming to an end. By the end of May, many apartments near UCF are already out of spots for the Fall semester. Whether you spent your summer working or vacationing, if you haven't yet reserved your spot for Fall, it is time to get serious about your apartment hunt. Don't get frustrated, there are still apartments near campus with openings. Hang in there, and use these tips to find your best option.

Tips for Finding a UCF Apartment at the Last Minute:

  1. Call before you visit. Many apartments near UCF are fully leased for the Fall semester by July 1st. We highly recommend using our UCF apartment search to find apartments that meet your budget and giving your favorite options a quick call before you make  the drive to visit. We suggest calling 4 or 5 places and then planning a tour route based on who still has spots available.

  2. Stop procrastinating. Applying for a new apartment is not particularly difficult, however it can take some time to get everything approved. Work with the leasing agent to get your application submitted and your guarantor's required application, pay stubs, etc. as fast as possible! If someone else applies for the same apartment before you are approved, you could lose your chance.

  3. Reserve the apartment fast. Ask the leasing team what their rule is for reserving an apartment. You may be able to pay your deposit or sign lease paperwork immediately (before application approval) in order to get the process started. Don't pack your boxes just yet, you'll still need to be approved and find an approved guarantor before it's official.

  4. Ask about subleases. Your favorite apartment might be out of new leases for Fall, but perhaps they have someone who has already signed a lease who wants out of it because they have selected a different University or changed their mind about leaving home. See if the apartment community has any rooms available for sublease.

  5. Don't be too price sensitive. It's a common myth that apartments near colleges will drop their prices as the Fall semester approaches. They actually start at the lowest rates and raise prices as they fill for Fall. The price you saw for an apartment in January may have gone up by $100 by now. At this point, you can't afford to be price sensitive. Find the apartment that has the most value based on your specific needs and make sure you reserve your spot immediately. 

Sign for your UCF apartment earlier next year!

If you are looking for the absolutely perfect UCF apartment next year, start looking earlier! Back when you were a Freshman, this was difficult. You were still trying to decide on a school with 100% certainty, figure out your budget for housing, and you had no idea where your classes were going to be. If you're in your 2nd year at UCF, you can already answer most of these tough questions and make  an educated decision sooner.  You will find the best all-inclusive apartment rates and have a much larger pool of options for your budget if you start looking in January.
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