Is UCF near downtown?

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The Verge Orlando
The Verge is a quick uber from student nightlife along University Blvd.

The University of Central Florida campus is roughly a twenty-minute drive from the downtown area. The campus location is in the center of the city giving you many options when searching for UCF apartments. Whether you live downtown and want to commute to school to live on campus and visit downtown on a frequent basis, keep in mind the price difference of living in each area. The downtown area of Orlando will tend to be more expensive than the student housing area near or on campus. This is for several reasons. First, the downtown area is a popular living area for young professionals, businessmen and city slickers a like. This area tends to have more high-rise and luxury communities with modern upgrades. However, parking may be dense in this area and you may be more susceptible to traffic jams. On the other end of town, you have the campus area of the University. Although your nigh life entertainment will be more limited than the downtown area, living prices may be more affordable, you can be walking distance to your classes, and enjoy the college feel of the area. However, most of this area is built for students. As a result, you may not be provided with the modern city feel of the living area built in downtown.

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