I'm a UCF student. Are there any apartments with hot tubs near UCF?

Everyone loves hot tubs. Whether you use them to help recuperate after a tough workout, or to hangout in with a bunch of friends, hot tubs are always a nice perk at UCF area apartment complexes. Unfortunately, there are very few UCF apartments that have hot tubs. But thankfully for you, the two best are below. Read on if you are looking to heat things up at your next UCF apartment.

UCF students looking to live the good life in their very own hot tub should check out Highpoint Club Apartments. Highpoint is located near the Waterford Lakes Shopping Plaza, which is very close to the University of Central Florida campus. Highpoint Club Apartments boasts "luxury resort-style living" with their large swimming pool, cabanas, and of course, the hot tub! This jacuzzi sits directly beside the pool, perfect for UCF students looking for a warm soak after a refreshing dip in the pool. This apartment complex also has a 24-hour fitness center, individual garages, an internet cafe and a coffee bar. Apartments come with stainless steel appliances, wood flooring, walk-in closets and sunrooms. UCF students will be in paradise while relaxing in Highpoint Club Apartments' jacuzzi.

Another great option for UCF students seeking a hot tub at their new apartment is Victoria Place Apartments. Victoria Place is located in Waterford Lakes just across the street from the Waterford Lakes Town Center. The jacuzzi is located next to the large pool - complete with fountains and palm trees for a truly resort-like feel. UCF apartment owners can also enjoy extra perks like: an indoor basketball court, business center with high-speed internet, outdoor tike bar with grills and a sand volleyball court. Victoria Place is also a gated community with a security system in each apartment, for anyone worried about safety.

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