How can I find cheaper apartments near Full Sail?

It no secret that Full Sail is prominent school that can sometimes become pricey, as any college experience is. Looking for Full Sail apartments that are within your budget is crucial in order to maintain your financial stability. You may think looking for an affordable living area may take dozens hours to find the perfect one. However, our search guide can help aid you in your search making this process much easier for you! First, keep in mind how close you would like to be from campus. If you are looking to stay within a short drive or walking distance, you may want to choose a location prior to beginning your search. However, you may consider living further from campus if you can find a living community that fits your budget more comfortably. If this is the case, I highly recommend starting your search with your budget. To do this, click on the “search now” button on our main page. This will bring you to our search tools. You will see a number line titled “Rent per Month.” Here, you can adjust the scale to select a number range that you are comfortable spending per month. Once you have done this, a list of possible living areas will populate the screen that fit your budget needs! You can narrow your search down from there by specifying location, amenities and even lease terms!

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