Are there any high-rise apartments near campus?

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Hub Orlando
Beautiful high-rise apartments at Hub on Campus.

Although the student housing areas on and off campus have experienced new growth and expansion, your best place to find UCF apartments that can act as a high- rise community, may be to travel ten minutes to the downtown area. The boisterous and bustling downtown area, like most cities, consist of breath taking city views, modern metropolitan style for Manhattan lovers, and business professionals.

You can expect to find more upscale and luxury places in the downtown area of Orlando. Keep in mind that although this may be something you are actively seeking, the prices may tend to be higher than the student-housing areas on campus. ZRS apartments is just off of West Church Street and has 37 floors for you to choose from. This community is brand new and you can expect to receive top of the line upgrades in your new living unit.

However, expect to pay over a thousand dollars per month for a one bedroom. A more affordable downtown pad, still equipped with energetic vibes and city views, is Aspire. This living area has humble studios to luxurious penthouse suites. You can pay less than seven hundred a month for a modern studio.

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