How can I keep my cat happy in my Full Sail apartment?

As a fellow pet owner I know that one's pet is a top priority when it comes to living arrangements. Keeping your cat happy in your Full Sail apartment doesn't have to be a hassle. As stubborn as your cat may seem, they can adapt quite well to apartment living situations. All you have to do is take some precautionary measures before moving them into your Full Sail apartment and they can live a long and happy life with you in your Full Sail apartment.

Cats can often be incredibly stubborn and set in there ways. So even just getting them to your new Full Sail apartment can seem like a stressful task. But once you get them to your new home and out of that travel cat carrier your cat can actually adapt pretty quickly. For your cats happiness and well-being as well as your security deposit one of the first things you need to accomplish is making sure they don't scratch every surface in your Full Sail apartment. Cats love to utilize their claws and it can actually help ease their boredom and anxiousness to release their claws and scratch at things. However scratching at your floors, walls, and furniture in your Full Sail apartment is surely going to make you unhappy which will eventually lead to your cat being unhappy. To avoid this make sure your cat has at the very least one decent scratching post to use. Train them to use this rather than scratching at furniture or other objects around your Full Sail apartment. If you can afford more than one scratching post you may want to look into it. The more your cat has to do the happier they will be.

Cats want you to believe they're very solitary creatures but in reality we know that they're actually quite clingy. So when you're gone at work or school or out with friends your feline friend is bound to get anxious and bored. To curb this boredom try keeping toys out for them to play with. Consider keeping a bin of toys that includes things like balls, fake mice, a sock with some catnip in it, and maybe some bells. The more occupied your cat is in your Full Sail apartment while you're gone the happier he/she will be.

Another important factor in keeping your cat happy in your Full Sail apartment is making sure their litter box is clean. I can't stress this fact enough. Not only will it save your Full Sail apartment from smelling like a giant litter box, your cat will be much happier if they have a clean place to use the bathroom. Cats naturally want to bury their feces or urine so if their litter box is too full you can almost be guaranteed they will try and scout out another place to use the bathroom. Even if it's under your bed. So really for the happiness of both you and your cat, make sure you keep their litter box clean.

Keeping your cat happy in your Full Sail apartment doesn't have to be hard or expensive. By following a few simple steps you and your feline friend can be happy in your Full Sail apartment for quite a long time.

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