How can I be a good resident at my UCF apartment's gym?

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Campus Crossings Alfaya has a lovely gym for residents to utilize.

The University of Central Florida is located near some amazing apartments that have fitness centers as amenities for their residents. Some apartments near UCF even offer fitness classes to their residents. There are so many great options to choose from when it comes to these apartments! When using the gym at your UCF apartment, there are some things you need to know if you want to have good gym etiquette.

Put Your Weights Away

If you're going to be using the gym at your UCF apartment for weightlifting make sure that you put your weights away when you are done. So often residents will leave their weights in the center of the floor, rather than putting them back on the rack where they belong. By remembering to return the weights to their proper place, you keep the fitness center nice for other residents and yourself. 

Wipe Up Before and After

When using the machines or other equipment at the gym I recommend wiping the area down before and after use. By wiping the equipment down before you protect yourself from germs and by wiping it down after you protect others. In order to be courteous to other residents at your apartment near the University of Central Florida, this is a must!

Bring Your Headphones

Who doesn't love listening to music while working out? Music is such an amazing way to stay motivated and entertain yourself during a workout. Even so, it's probably not the best idea to play music out loud at your apartment's fitness center. Others might not like it or might think it's too loud. If you want to have good gym etiquette make sure to listen to your music with headphones rather than a large speaker. If you're looking to purchase headphones for working out there are great options!

Wear a Mask

Unfortunately, we are still in a pandemic which means that wearing a mask is pretty important, especially at the gym where people will likely cough or breath heavily due to their workouts. By wearing a mask you will protect yourself and others at your UCF apartment's fitness center. Although it can be a little more difficult to wear at the gym, it is worth it and many of your neighbors will appreciate it.

Focus on Your Own Workout

At the gym, it is vital that you focus on yourself and your own workout rather than the workouts of others. Many people already feel uncomfortable going to the gym and would prefer to get in, do their workout, and get out. Plenty of people are not necessarily uncomfortable going to the gym but use it as time for themselves or want to focus on getting the most out of their workout. Having good gym etiquette means focusing on yourself and not distracting others from their workout.

If you follow the advice listed above, you will have amazing gym etiquette! Pretty much of all of the advice would be required if you were to visit a private gym that requires membership. Fitness centers at apartments near UCF will likely be more relaxed with what their residents can and can't do, but it is still good to keep these rules in mind. Enjoy working out!

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